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Can CMP help me with my project?

Yes, of course. I specialize in working within the limitations of low budget movies but realize like any other artist, I have a style that I have developed. Get familiar with my work and make sure that what I have to offer, is what you want for your project. I get asked to “make it look like *insert other creator’s name here* ‘s work and maybe I could, but if you’re working within a limited budget, probably not. Contact me for my daily rates. Long-term projects are negotiable. I require an agreed upon start and finish date, in writing. Expect to pay 50% of an agreed upon amount up front, 25% at the halfwayoint of an agreed upon finish date, and I don’t deliver the final product until the remaining 25% due, is paid. 

I have a great idea for a movie. Do you want to team up?

No. Don’t take it personally, but as much as I love a lot of the ideas that get pitched my way, unless you can pay me to develop them for you, I have to take a pass. I have more ideas of my own than I can develop in a lifetime, and if I’m going to take a chance on a project, then it’s going to be one of my own. Otherwise, I’ve got to go with what pays the bills.

Are you strictly freelance or can I offer you a job?

I love working for other people and aspire to work on teams. Being open to possibilities is how we grow and I’d be glad to entertain any offers of employment.

I’ve heard you can help me raise funds for my movie?

Yes, I can. I have played a major roll in the funding of two “name” projects. My rates from question one apply and I can provide testimonials upon request.